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Golden Gate Park

Location: Ocean Beach to Stanyan, btwn Fulton St and Lincoln Way

Map It.

Approximate Size: 35+ Acres.

Leash Rule: Majority of park is on-leash, with four off-leash dog runs.

San Francisco’s biggest and best-known park is a multi-use model of balancing diverse community interests. From anglers, to equestrians, to buffalo admirers, to horticulturalists, to museum goers, and yes, to dogs, Golden Gate Park has a little something for everyone. With so many constituents to keep happy it’s no wonder that the off-leash dog parks within Golden Gate Park are nothing to howl about. However, this park is not to be missed, even it means your dog has to don its harness and pull you on rollerblades to take in all its attractions.

When you’re ready to head to one of the designated off-leash areas and let your dog run free, there are four to choose from. The first off-leash run, moving from east to west, is in the northeast corner of the park between Stanyan Street, Fulton Street, and Conservatory Drive East. The second is in the southeast section of the park and is bounded by Lincoln Way, Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, and 5th and 7th Avenues. The third is in the western half of the park between Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, Middle Drive West, and 34th and 38th Avenues. The fourth is a fenced dog training area located at 38th Avenue and Fulton. Check out the web resources links on the left for a map of the park that shows the designated off leash areas.

Getting There:

Golden Gate Park extends from Ocean Beach and cuts a swath through the northwestern quadrant of the city. Fulton Street runs the length of its northern edge and its southern edge is bounded by Lincoln Way. There are several roads that wind through the park, and there is abundant street parking. Consult a map to plan your best route to one of the four off-leash dog runs.

When visiting Golden Gate Park with your dog, it is especially important to bring your own plastic bags, keep your dog under your control, and obey the leash rules. With nearly a hundred thousand visitors on an average weekend, you are going to run into plenty of people who won’t want to tangle with your out-of-control dog. And don’t even think about letting your dog loose in the buffalo pen. See our “Dog Park Tips” page for more advice.

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