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 Alamo Square
 Dolores Park
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 Dog Park Tips
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Dog Park Tips and Etiquette

Some things to keep in mind while your dog is running free at the dog park:

  1. Always bring a leash, even if you don’t plan on using it.

  2. Remember to bring treats. Your dog will be more attentive and it will be easier to get her to come back when it’s time to go. You’ll also quickly make friends with the other dogs-- but make sure you ask a dog’s owner before you give it a treat.

  3. Take off your dog’s butterfly or choke collar. These can get tangled and cause problems if your dog likes to mix it up with other dogs. 

  4. Always keep an eye on your dog. It doesn’t take long for a quick dog to get out of your sight.

  5. Remain in control – if you can’t reasonably control your dog off leash, you should consider more training before visiting an off-leash dog park.

  6. Take responsibility for your dog – if your dog is out of control, deal with it; apologize if your dog gets in trouble.

  7. Clean up after your dog – a lot of parks have posts with plastic bag dispensers, but always bring your own and leave your extras behind.

  8. Don’t bring your puppy before its had all it’s shots – check with your vet.

  9. If your dog is the energetic type that occasionally gets in fights, it’s a good idea to exercise him on a leash for a while before letting him run loose with other dogs. This will burn off his nervous energy and reduce the likelihood of a scuffle.

  10. Have fun!

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